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Abandoned Tube Stations

Tube Poster

London Underground are ridiculously precious about their abandoned tube stations
- most requests to visit the stations fall on spoilsport ears.
So for those who have wondered what those old stations look like, I
hope the following photos will be of interest.

A word about the photos on this site:

They were all taken by me between 1977 and 1981 (except where indicated) - I re-discovered them recently and thought I would do something more constructive with them rather than just putting them back into a box somewhere.
Hence this site.

All photos ©2000-2003. Reproduction prohibited.

CENTRAL LINE British Museum
  Ongar branch (Epping - North Weald)
  Ongar branch (Blake Hall - Ongar)
  Wood Lane (surface)
  Wood Lane (sub-surface)

  Mark Lane
  St. Mary's
  South Acton

JUBILEE LINE Charing Cross

  Marlborough Road
  Swiss Cottage

  City Road
  King William Street
  South Kentish Town

  Brompton Road
  Down Street
  Holloway Road
  Osterley Park & Spring Grove
  York Road

VICTORIA LINE Highbury & Islington


NORTH LONDON Northern Heights (Finsbury Park - Highgate)
  Northern Heights (Highgate station)
  Northern Heights (Highgate Depot - Alexandra Palace)
  Mill Hill East- Edgware
  Palace Gates - Seven Sisters
  Rickmansworth Church Street - Watford Junction
  Croxley Green - Watford High St (long version - 24 pics) or (short version -14 pics)
  Harrow & Wealdstone - Stanmore Village
EAST LONDON Broad Street - Dalston Junction (long version - 19 pics) or (short version - 12 pics)
WEST LONDON Addison Road - Hammersmith Grove Road
  Staines West - West Drayton
SOUTH LONDON Crystal Palace - Nunhead
  Nunhead - Greenwich Park    Updated!


  Primrose Hill
  Ludgate Circus/Holborn Viaduct
  Royal Windsor


There are other stations on London Underground that have been abandoned but due to a lack of substantive remains or photographic evidence, they are not featured on this website:

Earls Court  1871 - 1878
Hounslow Town  1883 - 1909
Hillingdon  1923 - 1992
New Cross  1876 - 1886
Preston Road For Uxendon  1908 - 1932
Shepherd's Bush  1864 - 1914
Uxbridge  1904 - 1938
White City  1908 - 1959
North End (Bull & Bush)  never opened
Stockwell  1890 - 1923
Hounslow West  1884 - 1975
Northfields & Little Ealing  1908 - 1932
Park Royal & Twyford Abbey  1903 - 1931

To download a map of the current tube & rail system in London, click here

Most of the factual details were verified or obtained from the following two excellent books:

ISBN 0-947-69930-9

J.E. CONNOR - Abandoned Stations on London's Underground (ISBN 0-947-69930-9)

ISBN 0-947-69929-5

J.E. CONNOR - London's Disused Underground Stations (ISBN 0-947-69929-5)

They and many other books of historical interest are available from the bookshop at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, which should be the first port of call for anyone wanting further information about London's abandoned stations.

Other books used for research:

H.G. Follenfant: Reconstructing London's Underground (London Transport, 1975)

Edwin Course: London Railways (B.T. Batsford Ltd, London 1962)

 Feel free to send me an email if you have comments, want to point out any inaccuracies, or just want to say hello.
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A site explaining the proposed new shopping centre at the Wood Lane station site.
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Hywel Williams' informative and descriptive site about the Holborn - Aldwych line. Others stations also.
Photos of Aldwych station building taken at the Open House weekend (2000).
There are quite a few sites featuring Down Street (because of the tours LUL used to run there). Lee's site above has some pics of it, as does this site from Jonathan Hall.
Dr. James Fox has some good photos of Brompton Road on this site.
Some great evocative photos of the Northern Heights line as it was in 1970. From the lens of Peter Wright. (Peter also sorted out the erroneous code on this page for me. Twice!).
A site about Broad Street station by, er, Kenny McCormick.
An honourable mention for a site adding a welcome dose of irreverent humour to the underground. Curiously part of the BBC's website.


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The iRail site: an enormous collection of links to allsorts of railway sites.
A site showing some of Glasgow's abandoned stations.

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